The fashion space hides in the Hsinyi district – Commercial Building

You cannot imagine there is a such quiet place where hided in a commercial office building of Hsinyi District, Taipei. Entering sparkle, there is a bright counter to create a visual effect like a space capsule and wooden reception hall came into view. Bursts of essential oil fragrance and a cup of refreshing welcome Chinese tea smell coming rushing. Sparkle believes that beauty should not just accept a step of the treatment course, but an environment that it can subvert tradition and is full with elegant and fashion.

Each boxroom has a separate bathroom equipment, TYLO oven introduced form Sweden , steam room and European nanometer active oxygen bubbles milk bath which can shock out of 1.2 billion tiny molecules in a second. Such an equipment that does not need to share with others completely is the boss’s insistence on the environment!

LV select brand Spa strictly in the global

Sparkle spa, is honored to be selected into 2016 LV Travel Guide of Taipei. So far, Louis Vuitton has issued travel guide in 29 countries, such as Paris, San Francisco, Sydney, Beijing, H.K. and so on.

Genuine concern warms as a friend

Many spa practitioners in Taiwan are usually only accept female guests, thery promote themselves in compulsive ways Inherited the American style, sparkle broke many traditional rules of spa to create a spa space which is suitable for both men and women,sparkle tries to set up a warm relationship like friends with their customers in stead of using traditional ways to get promottion. Last but not least, the core values of sparkle are considerate service and genuine concern!

Body and mind habitat for urban men and women, so that spa is no longer just for woman only.

Sparkle Spa on behalf of the salon is not just only for women. As a male, the boss living in the United States believes that men need a more relaxing space. Especially high pressure working environment in Asia, men bear deep negative pressure that cannot find a place to resolve, even mental and physical exhaustion cannot relieve, even more activities and social occasions at night. Therefore, men need spa to precipitate their mind to release the pressure.

Green and non-toxic spa feast with strict quality

Sparkle also care their selected products seriously which is from Italy professional salon brand Diego Dalla Palma. With an organic, healthy, and the latest research and development technique , we persists in without artificial flavors, spices, surfactants, parabens, it is the sparkle care for product safety and promise to the customer !