Upon arrival on the 17th floor reception, we were smoothly escorted to a quiet room, where we were given a cup of jasmine tea and scent samples of the five elements essential oils which were going to be used for the body treatment. We were then introduced to the twin treatment room where I was to receive the ‘“The five elements in ancient Chinese philosophy body massage” and my friend to receive the “Detoxifying & Rejuvenating Facial”.

The ‘five elements’ in ancient Chinese philosophy consits of fire, wood, earth, gold, water, which are the root of all things and in which corresponds to the heart, liver, spleen, lung, and kidney respectively. This 100 min body treatment nourishes the blood, delights the complexion, nourishes the lungs, liver and kidney, and regulates the stomach.. helps reset your body to a healthy state. It surely was an enriching embrace, my body was gently healed.

The twin room had a sauna, a shower room and a luxurious looking bath tub overlooking the city of Taipei and mountains afar which we both got to experience post treatment.

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