Sparkle母親節限量優惠 我愛媽咪母親節兩人同行第二人58折

2019 / 05 / 15|News-en|

說出通關密語:我要預約 我愛媽咪母親節兩人同行第二人58折 取得限量優惠 無論是疏筋身體按摩、深層臉部護理、保養類身體敷體去角質 […]


2017 / 06 / 22|News-en|

將百年東方智慧,依循春夏秋冬,四季節氣, 以木、火、土、金、水,五行精油對應你的臟腑, 細細感受這化宇宙萬物為指掌上的一股暖流! […]

《美麗,不是說說而已》 精裝6堂臉部保養/單堂只須$3500

2017 / 06 / 22|News-en|

你幾歲? 你看起來像幾歲? 你想要看起來像幾歲? 當肌膚出現乾癢、暗沉、發炎、毛孔粗大、膚色不均等問題, 初老的徵兆,正一步步 […]

One rests so that one can walk a longer journey

Sparkle redefines the concept of the high-end boutique day spa in Taipei. We have integrated the premier elements of the Eastern and Western spa in an upscale and elegant, yet contemporary and stylish environment. Our conception is that a spa is not simply a place to come to receive beauty treatments; Sparkle’s goal is to provide the ultimate luxurious relaxation experience.

Cross the threshold of Sparkle and be introduced to a sanctuary of respite and relaxation. Perhaps it is time to treat yourself to one of our premium beauty treatments, or indulge in your wellness needs with one of our luxurious body treatments. Alternatively, perhaps you’d simply like to unwind by slipping into one of our hydrotherapy baths. Please let us know how we can better help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Your relaxation experience is our only concern.

There is a Chinese saying that “one rests so that one can walk a longer journey”. Our goal is to assist you on your journey.

Either your body or soul must be on the way.

Our goal is to assist you on your journey.